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2016 Heisman Trophy Predictions

In choosing who will join the list of Heisman trophy winners, I have a problem. The problem is there are so many good college football players that it going to be hard choosing my favorites, but I’m going to give it my best shot. So here’s my top 5 players in college football who have a great shot at winning the Heisman.  Vegas looks like they agree since boydsbets.com has these as the best odds to win the trophy.

1. Deshaun Watson – QB, Clemson Tigers

This is an all-around great player. He’s the quarterback for Clemson who seemingly can do it all. Extremely athletic with a great arm. He leads a team that returns 8 starters and even though the Tigers have lost a bunch of talent on defense they still will do well. They are ranked 2nd in the country and will get a lot of TV exposure.  If he can win a national title, he might go down as having been on one of the best teams ever.

2. Leonard Fournette – RB, LSU Tigers

Fournette is a big bruising running back that will rack up huge numbers this year. He racked up an incredible 1000+ yards by the first 7 games of the year in 2015, only to be shut down by Alabama and gaining only 31 yards. Overall, I believe that Fournette will give Watson all the competition for the Heisman. In all, Fournette has over 1900 yards. He is going to be running strong with the football and could win it all by the end of the season.  If he can take LSU to a title he might go down as one of the best college players of all-time.

3. Christian McCaffrey – RB, Stanford

Christian finished as a runner in Heisman voting last year, and the Cardinals have lost offensive lineman that have opened gaping holes for McCaffrey to run through. The one thing that will keep Christian in the thick of the Heisman running is that he is going to get a lot of national exposure since the Cardinals are ranked 8th the the country. He is an all around talent, and I believe he will a runner up again.

4. Baker Mayfield – QB, Oklahoma

This is one player who should’ve gotten an invite to the Heisman trophy ceremony. He threw for 3700 years and 36 touchdowns. Those are astounding numbers for a former walk-on the the program. Extremely athletic with a strong and accurate arm. I believe he will be in Heisman contention.

5. Dalvin Cook – RB, Florida State

Dalvin is without a doubt, the most talented running back in the ACC. He rushed an average of 7.4 each time his hands touched the ball. He is an outstanding back that has the great ability to make the first defender miss. I believe he will be at the Heisman ceremony this year.

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