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Best College Football Players of All-Time

There is no doubt that college football is exciting, and there are some amazing players that can be found as part of college football history. Some of the best are listed down below, as well as what they were known for and the ways they have played the game. Some of the best in the game are listed down below.

+ From all states
+ Long period of time from the 40’s until the present
+ The Champs of the game
+ Won the Heisman

10 Tony Dorsett, RB – Totaled 6,526 yards and 59 touchdowns rushing, while adding 42 receptions for over 400 yards. He makes the list due to his style and his expertise on the field.Tony Dorsett He was the great Dallas Cowboy and the Heisman award winner for Pitt in 1976. Dorsett had lots of excitement associated with his name in Pittsburgh.

9 Jim Thorpe, RB – Another football great who makes the rankings of the top 10 of all time would include this great player of native American extraction. He led his team at Carlisle to an 11-1 season, thus earning a place in history as one of the greatest to play the game even if it was back in the time of “leather heads.”

8 Tommie Frazier Nebraska, RB – Is one of the best in college football history A former corn husker. His stats are impressive, and is widely credited with the best run in college football history. In 1995 the star led his team to championships RB 268 248 160 1,460 stats as reported.

7 Tim Tebow, QB  – The graduate of the University of Florida has had mixed results in his professional career however, while at Florida Tebow threw for an impressive two SEC Championships and two National Championships, while winning the Heisman Trophy in 2007. This is making him one of the best college quarterbacks of all time. Plus, he was the captain of one of the greatest teams ever.

6 Doak Walker, RB – Another ball player who cracks the top 10 as being one of the top college players of all time, although not exactly a current household name is Doak Walker, RB an SMU player who won the Maxwell Award in 1947 and the Heisman trophy in 1948.

5 Red Grange, RB – Illinois won the Heisman. He was nicknamed the Galloping Ghost.A great running back He was a Heisman Trophy winner, and one that many people have seen and heard form in all times.

4 Archie Griffin, RB – Another player to crack the top 10 would be the well known only two-time winner of the Heisman Trophy Archie Griffin RB. He rushed for 5,589 yards and 26 Archie Griffin. He is one of the best running backs of all time.

3 Roger Staubach, QB – The great Dallas Cowboy player was also one of the best college players of all time. He was a former Midshipman from the Naval Academy. Staubach Thre1,474 yards and seven touchdowns for Navy, a was a Heisman award winner

2 Barry Sanders, RB – was a running back who played only one season of college ball for Oklahoma State but ran for over 2,000 yards.  He definitely made ESPN’s list of 9 best RB’s of all time.

1 Hershel Walker, RB – The top spot in terms of rankings and college stars would go to RB Hershel Walker, from Georgia. Walker was a three-time All-American, and rushed for 5,259 yards and 76 touchdowns. He played in several Iron Bowls, which is one of the best games of all time.  This is making him the best of the best.

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